Run : Gym and Headache

I have another 3 months to complete my running goal (105/200km)

It's been awhile since my last run. The haze's condition worsen since last month, and we can't do anything much outdoor. I wanted to run! So last week we searched for available gym in our area and I found a great Groupon voucher : RM58 per month, unlimited usage, no contract. That's much cheaper than most running events in the city nowadays. 

Long story short, we both bought it and started going to the gym. We went there early in the morning during weekend while there was no one around. I hit the treadmill and started jogging :D That's the only thing I did. Run and jog.


Note : I went back with a bad headache just like from the previous 10km Maksak Run =.=  
I'm not sure what's my problem, but this headache is taking over my body and I don't like it. I still haven't found out the main cause of this headache : extreme exhaustion, heat, migraine or low blood pressure? I thought running will help but most of the time when I got too tired, I will end up lying in bed with a really bad headache. So how?

I read online saying how exercising shouldn't cause headache and how dangerous it can be :F I'm also too lazy to consult a doctor or get any prescription because I know they will give me Paracetamol and I'm avoiding those little pills. Plus, I think I mentioned about this in my blog several times already. Yes, I still get those really bad headaches! T^T 

Maybe it's a brain tumor! 
*Yeay, Grey's Anatomy season 12 is on air :

Tokiyo Trip 10.2 : Shibuya

Day 4 (Saturday) - continuation :

Hikarie Building :
It was a bit too far for us to walk to Shibuya Station from Harajuku so we took the Metro. 
We referred from Hello Sandwich's Tokyo Guide and found out about Hikarie Building at the station. It's on the first page of her book stated : 
"When you first arrive in Shibuya, head on over  to the new Hikarie Building and up to it's 11th floor sky lobby to take some photos over Shibuya."
We wouldn't know if we didn't look through the list T^T
So we headed to the building's lift and it brought us to the 11th floor and wa-lahh, we got the free view of Tokyo city :D I was so excited! We saw Shibuya crossing in much smaller scale :


Hachiko Statue :
We decided to find Hachiko's statue and referred local map. We were lost and went to the wrong ways again and again =.= There were too many people around. When we finally found it, I was a bit disappointed. Young kids and adults were lepaking around the statue, waiting, wasting time, doing nothing, staring at foreigners. We can't even get a decent picture without them staring blankly at us. 

Note : Hachiko statue is located right in front of Shibuya crossing, near the Shibuya station *different exit. Not near Shibuya Station at Hikarie Building. I'm not sure whether this makes any sense, but you will understand when you go there and see how many Shibuya stations they have and how confusing they are. 


Shibuya Crossing : 
I expected more, but I didn't enjoy the moment right when I was crossing it because I was taking a video. Not exactly the right time to take it, I know. Mental note : I shouldn't do this again, or I will lose my focus on the experience itself. And I should try the view from that exact level-2 Starbucks across the street. And probably try crossing it several times in a day at different time.


Loft, Parco, Tokyu Hands and 5-floors Muji :
We visited a lot of arts & crafts stores while in Shibuya. It was getting late, so we didn't really enjoy each places much. One thing I remember the most is : Loft has everything all the stationary-obsessed-people want. Those things are quite affordable compared to other places, got variety of cute things in every colour possible, things that we don't know we need and oh-so-heaven T^T

Can you imagine having 5 levels of Muji, right next to several floors of Apple store, and also another Tokyu Hands and 6-floors missed Tower Records? 
Yes, it's artsy-fartsy heaven.


Tsumumu Factory :
We missed a lot of places that 'I' wanted to visit from the book list. So I wanted to go to Tsumumu Factory as a treat for myself. We checked 2 maps and both we can't really decipher. Shibuya is a real-life maze in a city! We were lost, it was getting dark and we were both super-exhausted. I finally asked 2 school girls about the place and they asked me to follow them. They actually walked all the way to the hidden alley, where the shop is located. T^T My painful feet were so thankful.

The little shop was a real beauty! It is a 2-floor shop packed with all the beautiful little things. I couldn't leave without buying anything, so I bought a Hamamonyo handkerchief with autumn leaves prints *just like my little things :D


We can't do any walking much afterwards, so headed back right-away.
Another exhausted day well-spent.

Public transport spent : 792 yen

Work Related : Stop Whining

It's my third week of being in a new workplace with different environment, different people, different everything. I'm still forcing myself to adapt faster and I'm trying not to walk to my old office everyday to meet Ally and go out for lunch =.= *we are now 3 buildings away.

I do whine every morning before work because I want to illustrate things in my personal project list rather than putting myself up out of my own little shelter. But I want to be better, learn new things and these constant whines aren't helping much. AF listens, and I'm thanking God for giving me such a patient man to listen to my immature whines everyday. 

Plus, I'm not making friends and I'm avoiding lunch-outings with my new colleagues. 
Sometimes I go to the mamak, order an iced-cold Nescafé and read a book. Alone.


I learned several things in the last 2 weeks :
1- Finished HTML & CSS courses from Codecademy 
2- Finished 'Make a Website' coding course from Codeacademy 
3- Design and customize coding of my first e-mail blast using Mailchimp

I know it is nothing too 'big' but for me, I've been avoiding coding since my uni years. So, getting my whiny-self up for a new challenge and coded the first mail blast without any guidance is my first achievement at iM :D 
They are making me a designer that can code !

I hope in 2 years time, I'll be that designer who can design, illustrate and code. 
And not whine so much.

Tokiyo Trip 10.1 : Harajuku

Day 4 (Saturday) :

On our second day of exploration, we decided to explore Harajuku and Shibuya because both places were next to one another. As usual, we packed our favorite coffees and onigiri from the mart near our apartment before taking the train to the city. We took a local train from Tobu-toju line to Ikebukuro and from there we took the Subway Metro to Harajuku Station. 

I was surprised by the weekend crowd! Right in front of the station was Takeshita Dori, the famous alley packed with colourful little stores and people. We took pictures like all the foreigners :D But we didn't enter the alley right-away, it was supposed to be our next plan after lunch.

We headed to Yoyogi Park after asking this young Japanese girl that gave me a survey form on travelling plan. I happened to make 2 mistakes here :
1. We were supposed to stop at Meiji-Jingumae Station instead of Harajuku Station, it stopped right in front of Meiji-Jingu shrine entrance so we don't have to walk.
2. I thought Yoyogi Park was inside of the Meiji-Jingu area. So we walked straight to the shrine but couldn't find the entrance to the park.


Meiji-Jingu :

Everything was huge here. We admired its 40-feet gigantic entrance, toyed with its little stones on the pathway that were scraped by an old uncle, took images of old lamp posts along the road, beautiful komorebi behind leaves and branches from big old tall tress, nice almost-autumn weather, and every one was walking.


That tiny little human is me :

But, after quite a while, we reached another exit of the place. I was like "Eh? Mana Yoyogi Park?". By that time we already walked around 700 meter. We were both getting hungrier and to walk back means more extra time and energy. So I decided to check out Meiji-Jingu shrine first before searching for Yoyogi Park. When we reached the shrine, we saw several Japanese weddings. There were a lot of people around, so it wasn't a quiet and serene moments for both of us. We spent around 15 minutes and walked out of the place.  

We walked around 2.5 km inside of the Meiji-Jingu area.


Yoyogi Park :
Next thing I found out, Yoyogi Park was located right next to the Meiji-Jingu area, outside of the place. You need to walk around 5 minute to the entrance =.= So take note : If you want to go to the Yoyogi Park, it is not inside of Meiji Jingu, eventhough the map shows all greenery like it's in the same place. 

We bought a bottle of water and juice, found a table and sat there to enjoy our lunch picnic. We ate like any hungry people would. Crows and birds were all around, waiting for us to give some rice from the onigiris that we were eating. The park was full with people, some having picnic, some chatting, there were group of teenagers practicing their dance moves, there were people running *in the afternoon - it was not so hot anyway, young parents brought their cute children to play, people rode their bicycle with their pets in the basket. It was everything I never saw in our local parks - we don't usually hang-out in our too-hot-too-sweaty parks, being outdoor is too exhausting. Kan?

We also found a lady with her meerkat pets running around, so cute ! :


Takeshita Dori :
This is where you will find young Japanese crowds spending their weekend. People love to share pictures of cute Japanese waitress giving leaftlets of their restaurant, this was the place. There was a big Daiso as well, but we weren't searching for anything. The alley was more or less like upgraded version of Petaling Street, I guess. Wasn't looking for anything, so we just make one whole walk through the alley and headed straight to Shibuya.

It would be interesting to explore the place if we have enough time tho.

Book : Tsundoku, Expanding

More book story!

Last weekend we stopped by at Popular Book Fair at Viva Mall. All books were sold for RM 5. There were a huge collection of various English books. It was quite cheap and the best part is they had wider choices than Big Bad Wolf :D I had fun looking through almost all the books, I think we were there for about an hour or so. At first I rejected carry-on basket from Aja and Ma, saying that I wouldn't need a basket because I won't buy too many books this time. Later I slowly picked one up and they just smiled =.= I've been a bit picky lately but I managed to buy these :
  • My Wish List by Gregoire Delacourt
  • The Mistress Daughter by A.M. Homes
  • Honor by Elif Shafak
  • The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova *second time, now I got 2 of this =,= But not the Historian that I lost. 

I also managed to buy a set of Pilot stationary (*mechanical pencil, 2 ball pens, gel pen, highlighter and a case for RM 10). I still bring my writing set wherever I go, so having a pen in my bag is still valid. I'm happy to see several Instagrammers posted images from the events. There are still readers of the world, we are still exist.


I also did an illustration for a friend of mine. He asked me to illustrate something for his company's Instagram ads. I feel a bit guilty to ask 'a friend' for a payment, so I asked him to buy me 2 of Orhan Pamuk's books *except for the Museum of Innocence. Today I received a Poslaju parcel from him. Those 2 books were :
  • My Name is Red
  • Snow
I was actually hoping for a non-fictions like The Naive and Sentimental Novelist or Other Colors, but it feels a bit too fussy for me to ask too much. My personal favorite of his writing is My Father's Suitcase.  Plus : Read my review on The Museum of Innocence here.

I should probably ask for books as payment again in the future.


Current book : Pinball, 1973 and My Wish List.