Little Stories 212 : Nice Surprise + Tokyo Guide

I'm passing the Tokyo Guide to people who are planning on visiting Tokyo city. As you can see in the tab on the right with the list of next Tokiyo Hunters. Because I know I won't be visiting the city  again any time soon so I thought that I should make the book useful for others as well. 

You can also get your copy here, she just reprinted it and currently taking orders.

So, last month, Kiwa contacted me and said she wanted to borrow the book. *I know her from her awesome blog. It was a last-minute meeting, but we managed to meet up at the train station after I ran at the gym. It was an awkward meeting - as always, I didn't plan on meeting some strangers at first. But she was leaving soon so we had to meet up.

She was in Japan for 18 days, and I was happily stalking her Ig for those few weeks during her travel. Even though she didn't post as much as I expect her too >.< 

Several days ago, I received a medium sized pink-polkadots envelope. I thought it was the book that I ordered and I was wrong because it was my Tokyo Guide and some little omiyage from her as well ! I cried with joy and happiness, showing all the nice little things to Af. I had to wait for the weekend to get my gears up and take some photos and put it up here because I love them so :


There are some cute-cute mini stickers, a mix of washi tapes,
postcard, and a personally written letter :

I didn't expect for anything and it was such a nice surprise.
Thanks Kiwa, I hope you had a nice fun time at Japan and will post updates on your blog again ! >.<


Oh yes, I also asked her to put a tiny sticker on the list of places that she managed to go from the Tokyo Guide. So it looked so cute now. Mine is the cute rabbit and hers is the black cat. I hope the next Tokyo hunters will participate in this tiny quest as well ! :D

Little Stories 211 : Toilet

School holiday has started. 
We share our office with a company that does trainings and workshops. Since it is a school holiday, they started having coding and fun computer classes for the kids around age 7 - 12. So we've been having hyperactive kids everyday. Ha. 


I was having stomachache since the morning and been visiting the toilet several times. During my third visit, there were 2 girls entered the toilet with me. So I chose the first toilet and one of them chose another one. They were still chatting and I kept silent, listening to their conversation.

"Do you know that grown-ups can take a really long time in the toilet?", one girl shouted right in front of my door.
"She can hear you, you know", the one in the toilet replied.
"Yeap, I know".
 *So it reminds me of this.

Run : 2015 Running Journey


Running is still the only active outdoor activity that I do, so I'm keeping track of my progress throughout the year. There are several things that I managed to achieve :
  • Running minimum of 200 km in a year
  • Increase my running distance

There are 3 phases of running in my 2015 :

  • 3 - 5 km : during the early half of 2015
  • 5 - 7 km : in October 2015
  • 7 - 10 km : in November 2015

Things I learned from the running activities :

  • There will be a point when my body starts to feel nothing after working out. What I had to do is either increase my pace, increase my running distance or variation of running styles. What works for me during my weekly running routine are increasing the distance and running variations. I started with 3-5 km in each run, 5-7 km for the whole month of October and started my 7-10 km in each run in November. 
  • It's always about the mind and body, when you have 1 goal in your mind you need to stick with it until you achieve it. Your body will adapt to it if you can turn it into a routine. Then you can start on a new goal afterwards. One step a time :)
  • I can't increase my running pace without getting headaches afterwards, so I had to cross that one out at this moment.
  • What I do in my 7 - 10 km? I usually change my pace from 5.5 (jogging) and 7.0 (running) every 500 meter. That way, my body won't adapt too quickly with the constant pace. Sometimes I do sprint too, but it's not my favorite :|
  • Running on a treadmill can be boring, especially when I run for 10 km (around 1 hour 30 mins). I need to find things to distract my boredom. What I tried : experimenting with running pace and how long I took to recover from it.
  • I crave a lot and I am constantly hungry. It's supposed to be normal, because I started running almost daily. I need to remind myself to eat healthy stuffs all the time and this is not easy. I am still struggling with this issue.
  • Don't think, just go. Bring your running clothes to work every day. 
  • I ran more than 100 km since I bought the Groupon coupon to the gym. The money spent on paying for the gym is my main motivation for now. I realized that running events costs too much lately and it is no longer worth it. Comparison : RM 59 for unlimited run in the gym and RM 60 for 1 time 10km event. I am cheap, so I chose the unlimited run every week.
  • I still love running, after years of it. 
And I live to the idea of running for myself, a dedication of constant efforts in living my live to the fullest, one step at a time : 
"All I do is keep on running in my own cozy, homemade void, my own nostalgic silence. And this is a pretty wonderful thing. No matter what anybody else says.” H.Murakami


Little Stories 210 : Awan's New Enemy Part 5

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 :

It's been almost a month after we launched the Plan B on Awan *using Frontline Combo Spot - On. I can't believe it! I combed Awan several times and never found any cat fleas. We didn't receive any unwanted random bites on our body. It actually worked!

So I highly recommend it! 

Again, it is super expensive - RM 65.70 for 3 pipettes in a box and it needs to be used once a month. We just started our first month and saw huge improvement :D I will continue this as well to avoid any future infestation :

  • Weekly vakuum
  • Daily sticker scroller on bed sheets and pillows *you can buy the sticker sheets in Daiso
  • Showering Awan with Machiko shampoo every 2-3 weeks
This was yesterday.
See how all her nails were trying to grab something, anything. She refused to be showered and it is still one of the toughest thing to do, which is why Azmi is still the one in charge of it :D

I gave her some wet foods and cat treats afterwards ♥ 

Now she smells like all flowers and nice herbs 


Illustration : Customized my Phone Casing


I'm still using my 4S, it's been 3-4 years *I lost count. It's really hard to find the casing nowadays, I used to buy the clear casing from Daiso but even Daiso stops selling it now :( So I searched for a local custom-made casing and sent my Kuroneko illustration to be printed on the 4S casing. I found one! 

Here it is :

It costed around RM 59 for the iPhone 4S phone casing customization. 

Honestly I'm not really satisfied :
  • Thin lines on the illustration seem a bit blurry, so I concluded that it is not a high-quality printing
  • They mentioned that they will send me the final design before they print it on the phone case, but I didn't receive or approve anything. Just a poslaju notice stuck on my door several days later.
  • There are whitish unfinished printing on each curve side *like in the picture below, including the end side that can be seen front the front part of the phone 
I'm a bit disappointed because it costs RM 59 for a black & white printing, and the finishing is not even nice. It's decent to be seen from afar, but not so in detail. I thought I might like it and I probably can sell it in my Etsy later, but I think I'll keep this just for myself. It's not worth the price :)




Remember my air plant from MAHA2014 ? 
Well, it still lives in the glass ball next to our kitchen window. The easiest plant to keep because it only needs to be watered once a week. I put it in the water for 5 minutes and it will bloom beautifully. I will go to the next MAHA next year to find more air plants.