Little Things 187 : Perfect Habitat

There is a jellyfish lake in one of the islands in Palau. The lake is connected to the sea through ancient tunnels. It is a lake with environment almost like the sea with salt water combined with original freshwater from the lake. It is completely isolated. 

A secluded perfect area. 

There are a family of jellyfish. Somehow they arrived in this big beautiful perfect marine lake. Their family grew, there were no prey, they didn't have to worry about anything. Perfect life, perfect environment. 

Along the time, they evolved. They do not have any threats from any other animals in the lake, so they don't really need stings to protect themselves. They slowly evolve and become stingless. They are now called stingless jellyfish. 

This is a picture of the lake from Wiki. Those orange dots are stingless jellyfishes :


I don't know how much of this is true, after all, I don't really go into marine biology. Here in the perfect secluded area with no threats, no enemies, no competitions - they slowly evolve to something more neutral like telling themselves that "there is no threats for us, why should we put a fence and make ourselves stronger if there is no harms in this world?".


In this world, I don't know whether to put our fences down is a good idea or not. This is a question many philosophers might ask before me and never found a perfect solution or answer. Whether we should accept the world as it is and not be ready for any possible harm, and create a completely perfect habitat to live in. Or to be completely ready - for any challenges, any possible threats, any danger. 

For all I know, almost all big countries are making themselves ready for possible big world war. Getting ready with new monstrous weapons and keep in secret, "just in case".

I question this. 
I want a big peaceful beautiful lake for myself that I can put my fence down from all the hate and evil in this world. But how much of this is real as human with thoughts and feelings. How much of this heavenly perfect place is enough?


Doodle : The Magic Chef and my old Bamboo


So I found this in my old doodle book and thought I could use it for a practice :


Here is the clean outline in Photoshop :


and the coloured version :

I used the same family colour. 


PS : I'm finally upgrading my old Bamboo to Intuos at home too. Although using Intuos at work and Bamboo at home all this while created some minor confusions, it also taught me how to be flexible in using several different devices at a time (so it was a love-hate relationship). Bamboo is so dear and close to me, I understand all the pressure and location it needed for every stroke of lines and dots. But, the time has come for a device upgrading :D

After 6 years, it is time to pass down my Bamboo to my younger siblings.
I hope they will know how to learn to do magical stuffs with it.

And thanks AF for the Intuos presentooooo ❤ ❤ 

Mini Escapism : Conlay Road

I'm still in love with all these little things :



Doodle : Moonrise Kingdom 2

Ages ago, I did a fan-art of Moonrise Kingdom, here I just updated the digital version of it in my Behance : Moonrise Kingdom. Behance is improving, they changed their interface setting for user's portfolio - now we can use preview it for full version. Imagine looking at awesome people's portfolio on iMac, with all the detailing that can make me cry :F  

I've been asking my colleagues and siblings to create a Behance account and upload their past works there, as their online portfolio. By far, this is the only platform that I'm comfortable to use and I've been meeting with many great clients over the past few years, thanks to Behance. If you are serious in improving yourself to be a professional designer or illustrator - you should put this into consideration.

Even if you don't have any qualification in designing, but if you have a decent portfolio, there will be clients or companies that will be willing to hire you based on your personal experience alone. I'm the living proof :D 


Little Stories 89 : Multitask

Upon our arrival at the finishing line, we were asked to line up to take our first batch of free gifts consists of a bottle of mineral water, banana and medal. I took mine and thanked the volunteer.

I looked back and saw my brother holding 2 bananas and a medal.

In those few seconds in deciding that he will take 2 bananas instead of 1, he forgot to take his mineral water. In my life, I've met a lot of men that can't do multitasking. My brother is one of the worst.