Little Things 206 : Random Thought on Education

As I was sitting at KL Sentral's chair waiting for my client to arrive, a young girl approached me after I mistakenly made an eye-contact with her. I was finishing my draft and just taking several seconds rest from all the typing. I didn't feel like having to answer to any survey or apply any loans or insurance - it was my silent alone time, so I was a bit annoyed. Slowly I showed her a sign of rejection when she was handing out a leaflet, without even reading it. She said; "Don't worry, just read, no need to respond", and so I took it.

It was from UPM, a study while work program from FBMK. Call it a coincidence, it goes back to 3 years ago when I was still fumed with strong energy to learn from traditional education methods with all the lectures and reading textbooks and writing thesis. I went to UPM and searched for this exact same course of part-time master degree in Language and Communication from UPM. I think through all the syllabus, the education fees, the time that will be spent for another scroll. Just because the idea to learn things excites me. I remember meeting Zm's dad - Arwah Prof. Musa, asking for his advice because coincidently he was one of the professor in that faculty. He said there are 2 strong reasons why anyone should consider to continue their study : 
1. If you want to be an educator 
2. If you want to be a researcher 

If you are considering to work in the academic field you should consider to continue your studies to the highest level you can achieve. That's what Arwah Prof. Musa and my dad used to say; *my dad was a biotech researcher and finished his PHD as well. 

So after some thoughts, I decided to forget the plan. Although I am very much interested in being a researcher, I am more prone to achieving something using different flexible methods rather than dull standard education. So schools were always too boring for me and the only reason I excelled was because I am a nerd. In these 2 years, the internet bloomed to the extend of reaching everywhere, anywhere. I was introduced to TEDx; the space where people share all their passion in life in the most simplest 15 minutes story-telling and also various online learning platform like Coursera. I began to forget the standard traditional learning method. Plus, I don't really need another Master for my future career development if I'm really serious in creative & IT field, certified certification would do. Right?

Who should I thank for this unlimited amount of free education? 


If the girl didn't pass me this leaflet, I wouldn't randomly go back to 3 years ago when I was considering to apply for the course itself. Thank you for the random morning thoughts. 

Doodle : Bookaholic 2

This is the continuation from this illustration on a girl reading a book, not quite sure how to avoid auto-compression on the downloaded image but these are what I manage to upload here :



I just finished reading Steppenwolf the day before yesterday while waiting for AF to get his passport ready. It wasn't as great as Siddartha, a bit confusing at times due to the classic writings. 

This is another one excerpt I found that I personally like :
“Every age, every culture, every custom and tradition has its own character, its own weakness and its own strength, it beauties and ugliness; accepts certain sufferings as matters of course, puts up patiently with certain evils. Human life is reduced to real suffering, to hell, only when two ages, two cultures and religions overlap... Now there are times when a whole generation is caught in this way between two ages, two modes of life, with the consequence that it loses all power to understand itself and has no standard, no security, no simple acquiescence. Naturally, every one does not feel this equally strongly.”
This was written in 1927, you can't help to agree to this excerpt, right?


Another great inspiration I got while watching one of a TedTalk last week :
Reading and writing are the 2 sides of a coin.
If you don't read, you can't really write.
- David Ray
Most of the great writers I adore and look up to read voraciously. 
So if you love the art of writing and want to improve your skill, please try to read books as much as you can. 
It is the best advice anyone can give other than "you need to start writing". 

Little Things 205 : Smoothies

In trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I found a new delightful latest craze; smoothies ! 

We received 2 blenders from our wedding gifts; one for normal blender and another one for juice/smoothies. Ma mentioned that her blender just couldn't work anymore few weeks ago so I gave her one of the blender for her to make her daily morning juices *we don't really have the chance to use all the presents pun.

Basically the juice consists of all the weird stuffs like : carrots, tomatoes, celery,  pegaga, apple, orange and honey. We have to drink it every single day, every morning. For years. Anyone claims that drinking juices can make your skin glow and all those stuffs? No lah, I've been doing this for years, my skin is still too oily, too pimply, too uneven most of the time. Hmph. 

It's healthy, yes, but I usually I can't finish it. Partly because I'm full, partly because I'm so mengada-ngada. I often buy fruits before arriving at work and sooometime when I'm super hungry after work but I feel too guilty to eat out, I'll buy some juices/smoothies from Boost. It is quite expensive, and I know I can do something exactly like that, double the amount. So I decided to learn to do it myself. 


We just went to a supermarket one day after work, and I bought fresh milk and bananas. 

The next morning, I poured some milk, 8 cubes of ices that I made the night before and 4 bananas. I blended it and served to AF & Ma. It was the most refreshing delicious smoothies I've ever had! I even thought that I'll be having my morning stomachache afterwards because I consumed banana + milk, but nothing happened. They both also agreed. ❤ ❤ 

The next several days, we kept on buying more bananas and I kept making several glasses of smoothies in the morning or after work. Hah. I tried to make honey-dew smoothies several days ago but it turned out to be a bit meh. I'm still in love with plain banana smoothies. No sugar, no yogurt. 

But I'm considering to have some other try-outs, so I'm stalking Boost's list of drinks here. Pinterest is a great tool also. Will buy more fruits, I promised myself that.


It is a bit like a love-hate relation because I know fruits are good and healthy but they can be super expensive *and I'm a cheapskate. T^T I really want a healthy clean diet, so I'm going to continue my exploration in finding something healthy and fulfilling enough for both of us. And Ma 

PS : I am really encouraging people to try banana smoothies. 

Work Related : Final day with LGM & TRP team


It was my final day at LGM & TRP, yesterday. 
I've tried to finish up all my listed works and update all the working files. I passed those files to people who I think I can rely on. T^T We did countdowns for weeks now. It's really hard to imagine that I'm not going to be working here next month. There won't be silent morning with my green tea and the moment to wait for cranky Ally to arrive. There won't be "what's for lunch?" too early in the afternoon or short tea-time stressing about our workloads. There won't be the boss that I highly adore or a cupboard full of unlimited choices of hot drinks in the pantry. 


They took me out to O'Brien's during lunch, imagine that I've never went out to eat with them ever because we can't leave the office untended. And they took me out to Starbucks for teatime with the chief editor and Mandy also made a nice gluten-free Japanese cheese cake for all of us ! I was awkward like always. They made me a nice hand-made book *because I like books and wrote down all the sweet little things about future, books, make more friends, talk to strangers, have fun and such T^T PS : I didn't tell the whole team I was leaving, just like the moment when I got married. I just told the designer team and somehow it spread out.  


I'll miss Ally, Paula, Mandy, Nicole, Iz, Azli, Ethan, Sean, Micheal, Desmond, Azzim, Francis, Esther, and those friendly guards and cleaners. And my pet plants. And highest floor level 14 with incredible KL city view that I hardly enjoy because I work too much =.= boo.

I had so much fun here.
I hope I'll be enjoying my next journey soon. 

Little Things 204 : Pesan-pesan

There are 3 things that my Tokmak will say every time we meet :

"Kalau gaduh, bila sorang tu marah2, sorang kena senyap. Bila orang tu pula marah2, sorang lagi tu kena senyap. Jangan dua-dua nak cakap. Dengar je. Tau."
"Doakan untuk ibubapa, itu yang paling penting. Hari-hari, doakan untuk dua-dua. Tau."
"Solat 5 waktu, baca Al-Quran tiap-tiap hari. Satu ayat pun cukup kalau banyak sangat kerja. Tokmak amalkan baca hari-hari dan khatam 2 kali setahun. Ingat Tuhan selalu."
 ❤  ❤   ❤