Mini Escapism : Gunung Lang, Ipoh

Kedah - Perak - Selangor - Part 2 :

The first place Af brought me after we checked in was Mount Lang not quite far from where we stayed. We used Waze  most of the time to shorten our time in finding ways and fast routes - so we used a lot of small roads instead of the city's busy road. The recreational park located at Jalan Kuala Kangsar, just Waze the destination and it will bring you there :D

The rocky limestone hills were huge ! Look at this one picture on the right where I stand right in front of hill. Tres petite compared to the hill, no? 


We had to buy a RM 3 speed boat ticket to go across the lake and reach the other side of the park; between all of the mountains. So there's a park in the middle of all the mountains and the only entrace is the lake. It was so cool. It was also the spot where they shot the famous 'Sepet' movie, the one with Orked and Jason :D


I saw one huge labi-labi taking its breath before it went down into the lake again. The hills, the birds, the big lake, the greenery, T^T I cannot tahan. This is yet another city in my wish list ! Perhaps when I'm much much older and a multi-millionaire, I'll make one mini 'The Banjaran' for my family and I.


Here is a panaromic view from the tower we hiked :


We headed Padang Polo right afterwards to see the field and sunset. There were hundreds of people, kids, families, friends, they were actually having their outing session on public holiday. This is a huge field with many little stalls along the road. In the KL city, we can see this many crowds probably only in KLCC and malls :p And because I hardly go out to crowded places much especially on public holiday, that was quite new to me. 

Mini Escapism : Kedah - Perak - Selangor

Kedah - Perak - Selangor - Part 1 :

It's a long holiday !  
2 months back I received a wedding card from my colleague, Sha. AF and I always find reasons to explore new places and go on a mini escapism, so we decided to go to her wedding in Kedah. Of all the places and all the wedding that I missed in my life, suddenly I chose to go :D

We started our journey early morning on last Saturday around 6.30 am thinking that we might be able to avoid the traffic, considering it's a festive season. We were wrong. Waze's time estimation was around 4-5 hours, but we arrived after 9 hours on the road. The traffic was really-really bad. There were 4 accidents along the way, by the time we arrived at the wedding, it was almost over. We greeted her father and he said that Sha already left for her outing photo-shooting. So we went to eat and left shortly afterwards :o

The wedding took place in the paddy field area near Mount Keriang, so we took the opportunity to visit the place after the wedding. We just simply visited the recreational park to see the place thinking that we might go on a hike the next morning because I was starting to feel my 'usual' throbbing pain in my head. That 'famous' head-ache that I still don't know the cause yet. So we headed to our hotel around 20 minutes away and checked in.

I slept in for almost 12 hours.   
The headache disappeared and we decided to head to Perak after breakfast instead. We were ready for our road-trip and planned to make several stops before arriving at our next destination : Ipoh. So it was a really short stay in Kedah. I wish we have more time to take nice sunset photos alongside of the paddy field but it wasn't in the season.


To enjoy nice scenery and explore new little kampungs during our journey from Alor Setar to KL, we used old roads instead of the highway. It took a bit longer but I'm glad we did. 

My favorites are : 
  • We took almost 360' circle around Mount Jerai in Yan because I wanted to stop by near the beach right at the mountain.
  • The first time I saw ikan belacak (mudskipper) in pantai Murni in Yan. I've never saw one ever in my life until that time we stopped in Yan. 
  • 10 years anniversary for Hot fm brought us all the famous songs in those 10 years, it's a perfect playlist for the road-trip
  • The paddy fields along side of the road from Yan to Butterworth
  • The hills and mountains on our way to Ipoh were magnifique ! I can't even write enough about the magnificent view we got along the road. There weren't even pictures big enough to show how beautiful they were. Lucky northern people, perhaps they don't even notice what they are missing.
  • Chatty AF - when we visited all his childhood places while he was growing up.
  • Mount Rapat + Mount Lang
  • Sunset in Lumut

Our path on the 1st day :
Highway - KL to Alor Setar > Gunung Keriang

Our path on the 2nd day :
Alor Setar > Gurun > Yan > Tikam Batu > Butterworth > Bandar Ipoh > Gunung Lang > Padang Polo. 

Our path on the 3rd day :
Bandar Ipoh > Gunung Rapat > Lumut 

Our path on the 4th day :
Lumut > Sg Besar > Sekinchan > Tg. Karang > KL > Home


Summary :
  • We travelled around 1070 km on car in 4 days 3 nights.
  • 3 different 2-stars hotel booked on Agoda ranging RM 70 - RM 95 per night
  • We spent around RM 250 - RM 300 per person for foods, accommodation, gas and tolls. 
  • Total : RM 270 (accommodation) , RM 100 (tolls) , RM 130 (gas-return)

Sunsets :
We missed the first sunset because we were both exhausted from the 9 hours ride. We had a nice sunset at Padang Polo, Ipoh on the second day. That was the field where Af used to train for parkour during his younger years :D We got a great sunset view at the beach in Lumut on the third day. 


Note :
If you are an escapee like us, waiting for chances to explore on weekends or public holidays or any random time because of  your commitment to work/family/school, be a part of us. We put up a car sticker; 'Eskapi' on our car's window. Promised we use the car for a great cause of exploring new places, road-trips, new destination :) It's never too near to find new places to explore.


Work Related : Etsy Air Mails

My little hobby still picks up customers from all over the world :D

Training to improve your Wacom tablet skill shouldn't be all serious and work-work. I always find illustrating random things that I like helps me make an effort to finish up any illustration.

And to make any practice worth the time and effort, I sell it in my Etsy - because why not?  If I try to create something entirely up for sell, I would definitely be having a mental-block, just because I want to create something really perfect - which is ridiculous la kan? =.=



It marks my 319th sales :) 
I am so happy 


Little Things 215 : Sharks in Disguise

This would be the 3rd-4th year for my 40k ASB loan :

  1. I've been paying around RM 250 every month since I made that loan. 
  2. I just checked the balance for my loan last Dec 2015, which is : RM 38,900
  3. That means for all those months + years I've been paying, I only managed to pay almost 3% - RM 1,100 only from my total debt. The remaining goes to pay the interest, which is around RM 170 per month.
  4. I've been playing this game wrong.
The trick is to pay ridiculously higher than they ask for every month, the faster you pay off the loan, the better. Or you'll just be another one of the victim. Even if you never miss paying for it every single month or spend the yearly dividend. Sneaky sneaky. 


On lighter note :
I managed to pay 26% from my education loan. 
Few more years to go.

Mini Escapism : Putrajaya + Mines Lantern Festival *video update*

I guess this is Af's way to treat my exhaustion from work. I know I've been a bit too whiny lately - now I understand why people say woman talks too much :D 

I'm starting to wonder my validity in staying as professional as I claimed I am. Whether it's true that I'm taking too much time in submitting my works, whether I do perform, whether I'm giving my full efforts during the working hours. Or not? All my hard work, almost 90% time spent focusing in ticking the finished tasks, all hours spent on the wobbly chair, those hours of missed lunches and exhausted mind were all just my imagination? 


We went to Putrajaya last weekend. I spent some time sitting and sketching new illustrations for me to illustrate that night while Af went for a short parkour training. We've been lazying off a bit, gaining a bit of happy fats and feeling a bit 'tepu'. 

As always, Putrajaya has always been a huge spot for us to wander around. 


That night, we stopped by at Mines. They are having the biggest lantern festival since last Dec until the end of this Feb *if I'm not mistaken. We didn't use the promotional tickets we got from the previous BBW tho. We just went around the area - it doesn't seem worth to spend RM 35 to see the lights. You will understand if you personally go there and see the area yourself. 

So these are images taken by two cheapskate jakunist outside of the place :


And here's a video done by Af from the lantern festival :D

ESCAPISM #8 from Farikarim on Vimeo.

And weekend spent well. 
Extended to another off-day for Hari Wilayah :D

Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. But the only thing you can't do is ignore them. ― Apple Inc.