Little Things 185 : Our Day

Less than 30 days before our wedding, things are getting a bit hectic. Everything goes faster than I expected it to be. I'm worried of all the little things that needed to be done, excited but worried sick. If I can show it to the world, it must be from my little rashes and pimples scattered on my face. Phew. 

And because the wedding will be held in ma's kampung, it will be a bit hard for me to control everything : I'm not sure giving ma the whole control of the event is a good thing or not. Everything I plan to do is being ignored. All I know is the wedding would be in white. I requested for a small family-friends event with simple meet-greet and no-sanding or anything fancy. *I don't think so.  I just wish everything will go well and the weather would be super nice and breezy.

The worst thing is I am distracted, I can't no longer do anything else like reading, working, writing, drawing, studying, without feeling unsettled. I guess I am thinking too much and I need to do something about getting myself ready for the big event. Wish me all the best in the world. 

Doodle : Pink Macaron + Roses

At first it was from a task given by my boss, to make a Macaron-theme poster. I sketched everything based on all things to make the french pastry and illustrate it using tablet on my Photoshop. I had too much fun and decided to make it personal instead :D

Here is the full illustration on my Behance : Macarons + Pink



Little Things 184 : Grey's Anatomy

I'm upset about Grey's Anatomy.
Shonda killed George (season 5), Lexie and Sloan (season 8), those incident were hard enough to process. This time she killed another main character, which is by far the hardest lost for me compared to all the other goodbyes.

I'm uploading this because the post was too long to read, perhaps listening to my babble won't take as much time :

Perhaps you would understand, if you also watched Grey's for over 10 years of your time and not watch all the seasons in several months by downloading the complete seasons right-away. I'm upset to the core and I feel like I just lost someone so dear to me T^T 

Tiny Dot

If you feel insecure about people reading your blog,
might as well make it a private blog or 'by invitation only',
after all, you write to share with the world.

What's there to lose?


I'm back healthy, woohoo! 

Doodle : Inside a Hoarder's Drawer

I promised myself to recover by tomorrow so that I can go to work. I can't pretend that I'm enjoying too much time at home, nothing is fun when your body movements are limited. Plus it's summer, I'm sweating all the time at home.

Here I compiled another old illustration of mine, when I was too rajin to draw every single things in my drawer. I've had this since 2 years ago. Haaaha. I didn't realized I was such a hoarder until I draw them all out, 3 USB wires, old pens, pins, stones, random nails and lockets?

I posted the full version in my behance, click here.