Little Things 168 : Macbookpro

I almost lost my MacBookPro two weeks ago.
In another few months, it will mark my fifth year with it. I remember the time I decided to buy it during my final year project in the uni to replace my desktop computer. It felt so long ago. 

In 5 years, 
I've replaced the charging wire for free because it was still on warranty and
I've replaced the internal hard drive because it went kaput. 

Other than being super-heavy and constant black-outs while using it to do excessive works nowadays eg. : editing stuffs in Photoshop and listening to Spotify while surfing online, there are no other problems. T^T I am super satisfied all these years. I don't think I'll buy another machine as good as this. Plus, I probably can't match the overpriced price tag. Ha. 


To the person who almost steal my Mac, 
the Mac is old. It runs Snow Leopard because Yosemite is too heavy for it to handle. Most apps nowadays need the latest OS, and so this Mac is still stuck in the old days of simple app. I haven't updated anything for years because everything is getting too much for the Mac to handle. I'm using my old Adobe Creative CS4, with no intention of upgrading it. Everything in this Mac is old and fragile. Every excessive works leads to black-outs and we all know that all machines became automatically obsolete after the 4th year. And it is super heavy.

But for me this is still my best machine, and I'm holding on to this to the end of its live. 
Until the time comes, this Mac will be my companion.
So please don't try take it from me.

Movie : Character - Hannibal Lecter

I just watched 1991's Silence of the Lamb yesterday directed by Jonathan Demme, the one with Anthony Hopkin as notorious Dr. Hannibal Lecter. I've been wanting to read the book since high school when I saw the book in my dad's library - *you know, the age when everything is amusingly interesting, even a story about a serial-killer. But I never had the chance. One of my short story's character during high-school was named Thomas taken from the author's name, Thomas Harris :D
I'll definitely borrow it next time I go to dad's or download the book from somewhere.


Dr. Hannibal Lecter taught me several things :

1. It is amusing how you can learn people from observation. The loudest who speaks too much or even the quietest in the room, everyone got their own story. It's pretty easy to predict if you know how the human's mind works from the psychological aspect, body languages, or from social behavior. The more aware you are of little things, the more knowledgeable you can be. 

2. Everything is a game. He didn't whine or complain, really. Some things are just meant to be like that, he kept his optimistic mind well taken care. Pain is tolerable, if you just know how. 

3. Confidence. He looked at people in the eyes, never blinking. It makes people feel uncomfortable and inferior. He talked with such a classic-gentleman-superiority that make other people look plain stupid. Even when he was in the jail, people still call him 'Doctor', he managed to keep his title and I found that disturbing.  

4. Possibility of learning about psychopathic behavior. Other than Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, Amy in Gone Girl, Louis Bloom in Nightcrawler, Patrick Bateman in American Psycho and the Joker in the Dark Knight, I think Hannibal Lecter is one good example of a psychopath. He was highly intelligent, he knew how to manipulate people, he was emotionless and calm, and he felt no guilt in killing or harming people to achieve his personal needs. Classic psychopath.

5. This :


Creepy Hannibal Lecter, but bravo, Anthony Hopkin did it so well :

PS : I'll update this list after I finish watching Hannibal, Hannibal Rising and Red Dragon. 
Ditto those novels by Thomas Harris.

Doodle : Busy

I am the queen of procrastination :

I am forever busy but never busy enough to finish up all the works. I got long-dreaded work from Ma, new freelance illustration job and logo design. But I'm currently busy drawing random comics, yeay!

Btw, it's my brother's 25th birthday, but he is still in Germany - and will be home next Monday! Yeaaaaaay, finally after 5 months ! Ps : He hates all my doodle post, too bad I'm posting too much of them lately. 

And I just found this picture in my iPhoto :
*This was taken 26 years ago. Hm. Now I feel super-old.


Doodle : Books with Original Drawings on the Cover

Well, hello doodlers of the world, 

I'm selling these small books for you to doodle via my Etsy. It has been doodled on the cover and clear-sticker wrapped so it won't smear - you can even write your name using permanent marker. I only got 3 different copies, I guess I won't be doing this for awhile after this :) So if you want it, this is your chance. Hah. 

Any local buyer will get A3-sized "Little Things' 2015 Calendar" that I personally did for my living room. For free. 

You can buy it using :
  • my Etsy or 
  • email me at or 
  • COD at KL Sentral during weekdays after work - *only if you are introverted awkward girls :D





Doodle : Hotaru Tomoe


I grew up reading a lot of Manga. I could even say that I learned how to draw by imitating a lot of drawing from those Manga. Sailormoon, Akira Toriyama's, XXXHolic, Bleach, Junji Ito's, Hunter x Hunter, Oh Dewi!, Chobits, and so much more. Us siblings even have several boxes of comics & mangas collected during our teenage years. 

I remember one of my earliest manga : Sailormoon. Aja started collecting them when I was 8 or 9 years old. I read those manga front to back so many times. My personal favorite character would be this young mysterious quiet girl named Hotaru Tomoe, later known as Sailor Saturn. I guess I liked her back then because she was reserved and intelligent - she quoted so many big-words quotes at young age, and I'm forever in love with knowledgeable and intelligent characters. Hah.

Even my first email created was : hotaru_tomoe87 (>,<), and sometimes when I need to use any fake names for quick online registration, I still use Hotaru


Other smart and intelligent fictional characters that I love :
  • Rory Gilmore - from Gilmore Girls
  • Charlie - from Heroes *she's not even a prominent character, just in 1 episode
  • Detective Conan - from the manga
  • Lisbeth Salander - from The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo
  • Hermione Granger - from Harry Potter